• No smoking is allowed in any of the properties rooms.
  • No pets are allowed in the property unless by prior arrangement. No pets are to be brought onto the farm.
  • We reserve the right of entry to the properties at all reasonable times for the purposes of inspection or to carry out repairs or maintenance.
  • Please dress as respectful as possible at pool area no nudity are allowed at all times
  • No alcohol are allowed on public places (pool, dam, river etc)

What to wear and not to wear when riding horses

  • A riding hat of the current safety standard must be worn at all times when riding.
  • Riding hats are provided if you do not have one, If you use your own hat it must meet the current safety standards.
  • Wear trousers that allow freedom of movement.
  • Do not wear jewellery.
  • Do not wear shoes with buckles on the side or things that can catch.
  • Do not eat sweets or chew gum etc. when riding.

Safety about the stable

  • Do not enter stables with the horses or ponies.
  • Do not shout or run about in the stables.
  • Do not smoke in any of the buildings.
  • Do not fed over the stable doors.
  • Do Not enter the indoor school when a lesson is in progress.
  • Do not enter stables without assistance.
  • Some horses are easier to handle then others do not enter the stable if you do not know.
  • When grooming the horse and ponies it must be tied up.
  • Do not attempt to tie up or groom without instructions or permission.
  • Do not attempt to tack up a horse without instructions and not unaided until competent.
  • When leading horses or ponies from the stables to passage open stable doors fully and fasten the door open.

All rules about the stables are made for safety reasons if you are unsure for any reason about how you should act around the horses and ponies please ask an instructor.

The management has the policy that you should learn to both ride and handle, the horses and ponies BUT it should be done in a safe manner. To do this clients must act responsibly around the horses and ponies.

  • If you are unsure about any instuction given please ask for further explanation.
  • Do not go into stables with horses or ponies without permission.
  • Do not attempt any handling on the ground with the horses and ponies until you have received instruction.

Remember instruction to do something may take more then one lesson, and the instructor is the one to say when you are competent.